About Us

Scientific Biolfilm Solutions is dedicated to developing solutions to clean jetted bath tubs remedying the  health hazards associated with dirty plumbing lines. We are proud to offer Oh Yuk, a new jetted tub cleaning product. Our Staff has spent an immense amount of time working with new chemicals and has developed a new jetted bathtub cleaner product that completely flushes out your tub's system.

Our Mission

Our goal is to have the highest performing products in the industry. We use only the purest raw ingredients on the market, which allows us to achieve unrivaled product performance. If we don't feel our product will exceed all competing products, we will not release it.  We have tested this product against every other leading jetted bathtub cleaning products on the market and  Oh Yuk outperforms in every way.

Product Development

We manufacture our own chemicals starting with base chemicals, we then add different compounds to help create this unique new jetted tub cleaning product. It cleans your tub's jets and has been tested rigorously to ensure that it keeps your tub running properly. We have created a product that thoroughly cleans your jets and plumbing lines making it safe for anyone to use.